Learning on Demand

Our world demands constant learning at a very fast pace. Learning on demand is now an essential lifestyle to gain the knowledge we need, at work, at home and in school. Today, anything we want to know or need to know is readily accessible. We can get the knowledge we are looking for, right now! […]

Developing People – Part 1: The Plan is Worthless

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”[1] What exactly did Eisenhower mean by this quote? Was it because he could care less about the plan? Maybe he cared about the plan but also felt the need to convey an important aspect or characteristic about plans in general.  Perhaps he cared […]

Freedom to Fail – The Greatest Gift

For most of human history, the life of a child was considered tough, filled with a daily stream of sharp elbows, bullies, getting knocked down, getting smacked and hearing harsh words from overworked parents. By age 6, a child became keenly aware of three things: 1) the world is a harsh place, 2) the world does not […]

Attitude and Character Trump Talent

Let’s face it, good help is hard to find. There is a gap between available jobs and the skills possessed by those who seek the jobs. Even with the national unemployment rate of over 8 percent and millions of people dropping out of the workforce, there are many jobs that go unfilled. For example, recently I […]

Workflow Fundamentals

What is the essence of workflow? As the word implies, we want to keep work flowing. Value is threatened when workflow stops, is hindered, obstructed or slowed down. Lean manufacturing methods and tools are for making the work visible to keep it flowing. Workflow visibility allows management to manage workflow processes and gives each worker […]

Maintaining Systems

As a consultant, I often witness the procurement of a new system without plans for ownership and maintenance. I see colossal sums of money wasted. The new system buyer sometimes has the desire to both own and maintain the system, but fails to understand their organization lacks the capability and capacity to handle the system […]

Finding the Right People

The top priority and responsibility for any business owner or C-level executive is finding the right people. Without the right people on board, forward progress is literally impossible. Even maintaining the status quo is difficult. Ideal Candidates So, how do we define who the “right people” are for our company? Regardless of the company or […]

Stunted Growth

Without smooth, effective and efficient operations, it is difficult to grow and difficult to keep the customers pleased. Amazingly, many companies are not very interested in operations. In short, these companies believe all aspects of operations exist to serve the customer and nothing more. As a result, most companies become stuck at some point within […]

Structure Trumps Culture

Structure trumps culture every time. Harvard University Professor, William Julius Wilson said, “Culture matters, but I would say it doesn’t matter as much as social structure. Structure trumps culture.” What does that phrase really mean? Determining the culture of nearly all companies are company protocols, conventions, and customs. In short, structure defines culture, so how […]

Achieving Company Stability

How does a company set out to improve its stability? First, the company must commit to a goal. If the company does not currently have a goal, then a strategic planning session can facilitate the development of goal creation. Next, the company’s senior management must commit to and support their staff in attaining that goal. […]