Filing Systems – Part 2: Filing for Retrievability

As we discussed in Part 1 of this Filing series, individuals with the most modest means can now afford to buy and maintain the storage to hold an overwhelming amount of information. This is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is we are able to store enormous amounts of information. However, storing huge […]

Learning on Demand

Our world demands constant learning at a very fast pace. Learning on demand is now an essential lifestyle to gain the knowledge we need, at work, at home and in school. Today, anything we want to know or need to know is readily accessible. We can get the knowledge we are looking for, right now! […]

Effective Communication at Work – Part 2: Real Time Communication Tools

In our modern connected world, we have a cornucopia of available communication tools. In fact, there are so many choices it’s not always easy to choose the best option for our circumstances. Learning to choose the most appropriate means of communication consistently, will save time and lessen the stress for all parties involved. Real Time […]

Identifying the Biggest Waste to Increase Productivity

What comes to mind when we talk about waste? Some may think of things like wasted resources, such as water or energy. They may think of wasted materials, like lumber or steel or even scrap parts, which come off a production line. While these are all good examples of waste, they are not the major […]

A3 Sheets – Part 4: Framing Business Decisions

To recap, business storytelling has a purpose, typically to solve a problem or gain project approval. When storytellers and listeners have different expectations, misunderstanding and frustration are the outcome and nothing is accomplished. Both storytellers and listeners need help to resolve their communication issues. To improve communications at all levels, Toyota developed the A3 sheet […]

Risk – Part 1: Recognizing and Understanding Business Risk

Risk is a business reality. One cannot exist without the other, inextricably linking them together. Successful businesses have to prepare for and manage risk continuously. Every successful business will recognize its exposure to their specific group of risks. To manage those risks, an organization must begin by recognizing and understanding each one. In Part 1 […]

A3 Sheets – Part 3: Building a Learning Organization

We are buried in questions. To answer the myriad questions, there are so many things to learn but so little time.     Imagine if we all had to do the homework on every subject. Imagine how much information the busy manager, director, or business owner must assimilate each day.     Clearly an impossible […]

A3 Sheets – Part 2: Standard Structure for Business Storytelling

In Part 1, we reviewed business storytelling challenges and introduced the A3 sheet. We now understand business storytelling has a purpose, typically to solve a recurring problem, gain project approval or introduce a new project. Toyota, recognizing a need to facilitate and improve the communication process for resolving these issues, developed a very effective tool, […]

Overview of the Concept of Modularity

Modularity and architecture are common practices in automotive design, software development, databases, information systems, micro-electronics and electronic product design. While these industries were not always modular, pioneering thinkers brought the principles of modularity to bear on the complex products and processes, and a revolution began. Today, we take for granted the low costs, high reliability […]