Properties of Workpieces

Movement Requires Energy All movement requires energy. Workpieces on the plant floor or in an office environment are no exception; energy is required to move the workpiece. The same rule applies whether the workpiece is a physical piece of paper or an electronic file. When we receive a task, we initiate workflow by expending energy […]

How to Delegate Effectively – Part 1

How do we delegate effectively?  Many of us are stuck, believing the old adage, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” We end up opting to do everything ourselves because past experience dictates we are more than likely going to have to redo it anyway. Performing our own tasks gives us a sense of security […]

Freedom to Fail – The Greatest Gift

For most of human history, the life of a child was considered tough, filled with a daily stream of sharp elbows, bullies, getting knocked down, getting smacked and hearing harsh words from overworked parents. By age 6, a child became keenly aware of three things: 1) the world is a harsh place, 2) the world does not […]

Sustain – The 5th of Leans 5Ss

Nearly two decades after the introduction of lean manufacturing in the US, a growing number of manufacturers have shown interest in adopting lean techniques. Many of these organizations have dabbled in the five S’s of lean (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) on their factory floors. They have held kaizen events, installed two-bin […]

Attitude and Character Trump Talent

Let’s face it, good help is hard to find. There is a gap between available jobs and the skills possessed by those who seek the jobs. Even with the national unemployment rate of over 8 percent and millions of people dropping out of the workforce, there are many jobs that go unfilled. For example, recently I […]

Finding the Right People

The top priority and responsibility for any business owner or C-level executive is finding the right people. Without the right people on board, forward progress is literally impossible. Even maintaining the status quo is difficult. Ideal Candidates So, how do we define who the “right people” are for our company? Regardless of the company or […]

Stunted Growth

Without smooth, effective and efficient operations, it is difficult to grow and difficult to keep the customers pleased. Amazingly, many companies are not very interested in operations. In short, these companies believe all aspects of operations exist to serve the customer and nothing more. As a result, most companies become stuck at some point within […]

Decision Making

Most dysfunctional companies have very poor decision-making protocols or lack decision-making protocols altogether. In such companies, the “non-decision” decision runs rampant. We should ask ourselves: “When is a decision actually a decision?” If we can easily reverse today’s snap decision tomorrow, then what kind of a decision was it really? It takes time and effort […]

The Learning Organization

The learning organization always builds upon prior knowledge. Sometimes a company gains this knowledge via internal channels, and sometimes a company gains this knowledge from outside sources. Collecting, storing and maintaining this information costs time and money. Formal project documentation may cost as much as 10 to 15% of the total cost of a project. […]