The Industrial Revolution 4.0: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things The fourth industrial revolution, The Internet of Things, is well underway. Some are calling it Manufacturing 4.0, although I think this is a limited view. Let’s briefly recap the major industrial milestones. Many consider the steam engine to be the first industrial revolution. The second industrial revolution started with the conveyor […]

Identifying the Biggest Waste to Increase Productivity

What comes to mind when we talk about waste? Some may think of things like wasted resources, such as water or energy. They may think of wasted materials, like lumber or steel or even scrap parts, which come off a production line. While these are all good examples of waste, they are not the major […]

Lean Empowerment – Part 2: Setup Time Reduction

Recognizing Lean Opportunities With the introduction of each new part into production, someone must establish new setup procedures, tools and fixtures. In many cases, when a new process or part is first set up, the most efficient and effective steps are not immediately apparent. After running the new part for a period, opportunities for improvement, […]

Sustain – The 5th of Leans 5Ss

Nearly two decades after the introduction of lean manufacturing in the US, a growing number of manufacturers have shown interest in adopting lean techniques. Many of these organizations have dabbled in the five S’s of lean (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) on their factory floors. They have held kaizen events, installed two-bin […]

Lean Goals

Lean methods and practices are simple yet extraordinary tools implemented by a company to support and attain corporate goals. Lean goals must be corporate goals to be successful. In doing so, lean tools and practices can produce remarkably powerful results. Dramatic performance improvements differentiate lean goals from more traditional corporate goals. For lean goals to lead to […]