Learning on Demand

Our world demands constant learning at a very fast pace. Learning on demand is now an essential lifestyle to gain the knowledge we need, at work, at home and in school. Today, anything we want to know or need to know is readily accessible. We can get the knowledge we are looking for, right now! […]

Be Better Than Your Boss Expects

My boss concluded the hour-long performance evaluation by telling me, “You still have a black spot on your record, but your stock is rising.” Everything else from the previous hour evaporated as his phrase burned into my mind. I was so stupefied that I could not respond. At the time, I was a young mechanical […]

The Learning Organization

The learning organization always builds upon prior knowledge. Sometimes a company gains this knowledge via internal channels, and sometimes a company gains this knowledge from outside sources. Collecting, storing and maintaining this information costs time and money. Formal project documentation may cost as much as 10 to 15% of the total cost of a project. […]