Lean Empowerment – Part 4: Sharing Work Aids

Settling into a New Culture As we continue our Lean Empowerment series, we check back with the same company to review their progress and see how their new Lean Culture is evolving. In Lean Empowerment Part 1 and Part 2, the workers chose shadow boards from their Lean Toolbox to resolve a number of ongoing issues. […]

Learning on Demand

Our world demands constant learning at a very fast pace. Learning on demand is now an essential lifestyle to gain the knowledge we need, at work, at home and in school. Today, anything we want to know or need to know is readily accessible. We can get the knowledge we are looking for, right now! […]

Properties of Workpieces

Movement Requires Energy All movement requires energy. Workpieces on the plant floor or in an office environment are no exception; energy is required to move the workpiece. The same rule applies whether the workpiece is a physical piece of paper or an electronic file. When we receive a task, we initiate workflow by expending energy […]

Identifying the Biggest Waste to Increase Productivity

What comes to mind when we talk about waste? Some may think of things like wasted resources, such as water or energy. They may think of wasted materials, like lumber or steel or even scrap parts, which come off a production line. While these are all good examples of waste, they are not the major […]

Stunted Growth

Without smooth, effective and efficient operations, it is difficult to grow and difficult to keep the customers pleased. Amazingly, many companies are not very interested in operations. In short, these companies believe all aspects of operations exist to serve the customer and nothing more. As a result, most companies become stuck at some point within […]

Cornerstones of The Stable Company

These four major elements form the cornerstones of The Stable Company (See The Stable Company, for more details about the elements and the nodes): 1. The Customer 2. The Product 3. The People 4. The Systems The elements are analogous to the organs of the human body, such as the heart, the liver, the pancreas, […]