Lean Empowerment – Part 3: Rejecting Bad Material

This week, we continue to follow one of my client’s, who we also featured in Lean Empowerment Part 1 and Part 2. You will learn how Lean Systems enabled workers to reject bad material. This Lean Empowerment action resolved several negative issues. Workers were able to transform an impeded process into a smoothly operating workflow, […]

Properties of Workpieces

Movement Requires Energy All movement requires energy. Workpieces on the plant floor or in an office environment are no exception; energy is required to move the workpiece. The same rule applies whether the workpiece is a physical piece of paper or an electronic file. When we receive a task, we initiate workflow by expending energy […]

Kaizen Burst Mini Projects

Many organizations and consultants apply specifically designed lean methods and tools as a means to continually improve overall corporate performance. This lean practice is referred to as “kaizen”. Kaizen, translating to “continuous improvement” – kai meaning “continuous” and zen meaning “improvement”, brings many different methods for implementing overall improvements into the workplace. Some of these […]

Automation is the Key to Growth

Automation is the key to growth. Why is this? Because automation is one of few ways to improve efficiency, and only with efficiency do we obtain the additional retained earnings necessary to support spending on new revenue-generating capability. The equation is that simple. Cash for growth can only come from investments or from retained earnings. […]