Why bring a trainer into your company? Training is critical for introducing new concepts, shattering old paradigms, and achieving common understanding amongst the members of a working team. Each person in a learning organization will learn by applying these new concepts to their daily tasks.

Training is a critical component of implementing any new system within your company. Only training delivers the common vocabulary, and the common understanding of the system concepts and operational philosophies.

SMI offers a wide variety of training in financial management, lean manufacturing, operations management, management methods, and cultural transformation. We deliver all training in the context of connecting it all together to transform the company into a smoothly running, well-oiled machine.

SMI has a la carte training developed on the following topics:

  • Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Enterprise
  • Quality Management
  • Strategic Planning

Additionally, we refer our clients to cost effective outside sources for appropriate training.  We also offer a well-developed suite of training modules, adjusted to meet the specific needs of each client. Upon request, SMI will develop custom training on specific topics in management, operations, workflow, and lean transformation.

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