Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is important for achieving maximum results with the available resources. We help our clients achieve clarity of purpose and facilitate the planning process so that management can fully participate.

When should a facilitator be used for a strategic planning session?

  • When you want to participate in the session, rather than leading it.
  • When you want the impartiality of an outsider.
  • When you MUST achieve a result
  • When the result must be achieved in a very short time
  • When the company has limited resources
  • When the company has one shot at the opportunity and must select the right strategy

Company owners and senior managers must participate in strategic planning. If these same people try to facilitate the strategic planning process, they are unable to participate properly. A professional facilitator is impartial and objective, and focuses on the process of attaining planning results in a very short time. The facilitator focuses on process and timely execution, while the participants focus is on the content. This division of duties will produce the best results in the shortest amount of time.

There is never enough time, money, or labor to complete everything. Quite simply, strategy is deciding what not to do. Scarce resources must be allocated to the initiatives that will produce the highest benefit for the company.

SMI uses the approach called “A Strategy In A Day.”

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