Lean Transformation

Imagine doubling your capacity without increasing costs!  Your sales should never be constrained by capacity.

Any company that truly commits and implements can achieve big results across the board from receiving dock to shipping dock to back office admin processes. A company can reduce manufacturing lead-time to one fourth of the original. Throughput can often double without increasing headcount and factory space.

Specifically targeted lean initiatives will improve a company’s cash flow, efficiency, and customer service level.  Any company with operations is a good fit for a lean manufacturing initiative, especially if they have never implemented (or applied) a lean enterprise improvement project in the past.

The process starts with commitment from top management, including the CEO and C-level executives. In smaller companies, a lean initiative requires complete buy-in and support of the business owner and his or her management team. The improvement project begins with an assessment to determine the current state of the company and identify improvement opportunities. A plan is then developed to implement those improvements in project phases, typically over a nine month to two-year period.

Strategic Modularity Inc. (SMI) facilitates the strategic planning sessions where the client explicitly defines their goals and objectives.  SMI then helps the client define problems and improvement projects.  For the client willing to make the commitment, SMI will help the client outline the 12 to 24 month, lean transformation program consisting of many smaller projects. During a lean transformation project, the workflow of a company is organized, and company culture is adjusted and fine-tuned to support continuous improvement. Throughout this process, SMI provides executive coaching to the business owners and Sensei Services to the middle managers.

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