Lean Empowerment – Part 5: Where Are All the Orders?

Let’s revisit the company we’ve been using in our Lean Empowerment Series and catch up with them a few months after fully implementing their Lean Transformation Project. We’ve been following the workers progress as they’ve been learning all about Lean. In Part 1 and Part 2, they became empowered by successfully finding areas with impeded […]

Lean Empowerment – Part 2: Setup Time Reduction

Recognizing Lean Opportunities With the introduction of each new part into production, someone must establish new setup procedures, tools and fixtures. In many cases, when a new process or part is first set up, the most efficient and effective steps are not immediately apparent. After running the new part for a period, opportunities for improvement, […]

Lean Empowerment – Part 1: Sharpening the Saw

Empowering an organization with Lean methods is like sharpening the saw throughout the entire company. Once a company embraces Lean methods and is equipped with the tools in the Lean Toolbox, a new culture is born. Everyone within the organization begins to view their surroundings from a new perspective, embracing and encouraging continuous learning and continuous […]

Lean Goals

Lean methods and practices are simple yet extraordinary tools implemented by a company to support and attain corporate goals. Lean goals must be corporate goals to be successful. In doing so, lean tools and practices can produce remarkably powerful results. Dramatic performance improvements differentiate lean goals from more traditional corporate goals. For lean goals to lead to […]

Transaction Cost

Every transaction has a cost. For a buyer and seller to consummate a transaction, both parties must expend the effort, energy and expense. From the buyer’s perspective, the transaction cost must be proportional to the value of the goods or services they are selling. From the seller’s perspective, the total costs of attracting the buyers […]

Workflow Fundamentals

What is the essence of workflow? As the word implies, we want to keep work flowing. Value is threatened when workflow stops, is hindered, obstructed or slowed down. Lean manufacturing methods and tools are for making the work visible to keep it flowing. Workflow visibility allows management to manage workflow processes and gives each worker […]

Systems Are The Glue

Systems are the glue of a company. They keep the company running smoothly, codify company learning and knowledge, and build the company’s operational efficiency. Properly designed systems support customers and keep employees happy and functioning effectively and efficiently in their roles. Workflows are defined within company value streams, which are comprised of people working within company […]