Create a Strategy in One Day

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The challenge. Many clients ask for a strategic plan in one day. Can something useful be developed in a day? The answer is yes, but only with advance planning and a properly run meeting. Producing a strategy in a day is quite possible! Why not seize the moment and accomplish as much as possible?

The Result. What can be the result of a one day planning session? Will it be an actual strategy? Practically speaking, this is not realistic. The one-day session develops an outline plan featuring 3 to 4 bundles of strategic alternatives. This plan is an excellent basis for establishing an in-house planning process.

Develop a Strategy in a Day:

  • Hire a professional meeting facilitator.
  • Effectively plan your meeting.
  • Choose a supportive meeting space.
  • Structure the meeting for success.
  • Keep the meeting flowing smoothly.
  • Learn best practice techniques.
  • Effectively use the results.

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