SMI’s core belief is to help our clients achieve prosperity and growth by fine-tuning operations for peak performance. By helping our clients, SMI has earned their respect, praise and referrals to other businesses in need. Please review a selection of testimonials and case studies below. With a hope of benefiting others, our clients wished to express their satisfaction with our services.

Lean Transformation:

“I am very, very happy! What Andy [SMI’s founder and president] and the SMI team accomplished is much more than I anticipated. More importantly he did what he said he would do and that builds my trust in SMI.”
– Auton: Virgil Walker, President

“In all the years I have worked with Andy, I appreciate his integrity and high quality of work ethics. In his great ability to find out what the customer wants, he possesses the ability to translate that into building something of lasting value, and that is a rare quality.”
– Universal Technology Inc. (UTI): Andy Smith, President

“SMI meets my highest requirements by producing excellent and qualifiable results.”
– UTI: Don McClelland, Automation Specialist

Out Sourced Engineering:

“He [Andy] came into a very complex, quite specific project and brought great expertise and skills to the project that was very useful.”
– Turner Engineering: Dave Turner, President

Facility Planning:

“SMI helped us to define our space needs at a time when we were growing rapidly. That, in turn, helped us to avoid moving into a facility that would have been too small.”
– Tim Davis, General Manager

“[SMI] kept us focused!”
– B’nai Tikvah Congregation: Vera Abrams, Facility Manager

“Very Satisfied!  SMI came in and did what they said they would.”
– NTS: John W. Rehard, Program Manager

“The SMI team is very detailed, professional and thorough. They completed things as promised and ahead of all deadlines.”
– Santa Clarita Community Development Corporation: Dan Morefield, Treasurer

Strategic Planning:

“I was impressed by Andy’s clear thinking approach and logic planning of our project. His personable attitude is furthered by his rapid thinking of any issues that might arise.  Overall we are extremely happy with the whole process.”
– Tim Davis, General Manager

Project Management:

“I think that Andy has a rare quality of extreme professionalism; he was very much on target with expectations and outcomes. SMI’s handling was professional and efficient. Andy has an ability to manage a great amount of detail in a short time without losing anything.”
– Integral Alliance: Jim Legge, Account Manager

“Very happy with Andy and thought his end of the project ran very smoothly. Also I was happy with his organizational skills.”
– Nagy Design: Bill Palleva, President