Strategic Modularity Inc. is a consulting company offering high value by carefully planning projects and keeping overhead low. Through our network of associates, we are able to provide a talented team of specialists to solve big problems.

The SMI network of trusted advisors

To deliver the expertise needed to solve your business challenges, Strategic Modularity Inc. maintains a close working relationship with a tight network of consultants and professional services providers.

The ACA Group

The ACA Group is an alliance of consultants with complementary skills in production management and inventory control. Since improving productivity and increasing capacity require systemic solutions, a variety of skills and talent are necessary to get the job done. The other consultants in the ACA group deliver expertise in MRP, MRPII, ERP, Six Sigma, Vocational English as a Second Language, Executive Coaching, ETP funded training, Contracts, and Negotiation.


The Association for Operations Management (APICS) is dedicated to the education, certification, and professional development of their members and constituency, operations professionals.