Control Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication – Andy’s Story

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-andy's-interview-1On October 21, 2013, Dave Caldwell and Tami Edwards of SCVTV’s “SCV Today” show, a local access channel in Santa Clarita Valley, interviewed me in a segment to discuss my approach for managing Type 2 Diabetes. Our talk covers my methods for handling my diabetes naturally, without medications, using only nutrition and exercise. I have also been invited back next year after publication of my book(s).

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-andy's-interview-2To watch this informative 12-minute interview, you may click on either image in this section or click here. This segment begins at time marker 42:33. Once you reach the webpage, click the PLAY tab located at the bottom of the video display window and allow the program to stream or queue up for several minutes. Next, advance the control tab to time marker 42:33 to watch the interview. In some cases, allowing the video to stream may take a little longer and some systems may not support fast-forwarding at all, in which case you will have to let it play through in real time.

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Andy’s Story

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-doctor-with-clipboard-blogcontrol-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-sitting-in-exam-room-blogFriday, Sept 23, 2011. I will always remember that day. I was sitting in an exam room, listening to my doctor telling me I was Type 2 diabetic. It was like getting hit by a bolt of lightning. In that moment, my life changed forever. I knew things would never be the same.

In the first few months, my life was a chaotic blend of doctor visits, counseling, pin pricks, research and misinformation. I was forced to become more decisive than ever before.

Everything was a decision. I had to allocate time by the minute. Should I spend an hour billing or cooking? Within a week, it became clear; I had to overhaul my old daily routines to create time to deal with my diabetes. I figured about four hours per day would be sufficient.

I know, this sounds like a disaster, right? Initially, it was very stressful and costly. However, things got much better, once I recovered from the initial shock and set my course of action in motion.

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-mosaic-tile-blogAs I look back on that fateful day two years ago, I realize it was the best thing ever to happen to me. Today, I can actually say: My life is better! Why? Because now, more than ever, I am living an intentional and deliberate life. I accomplished the goals I set for myself and learned to control Type 2 diabetes without medication, much to my doctor’s surprise!

On day one, I adopted a new mindset, set new goals and established new priorities. Me 1st, work 2nd and everything else 3rd. I reallocated time to form new habits and learn about new foods.

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-alone-on-island-blogRight from the start, I felt very alone. My doctor sent me home without information and my first diabetes management class was 8 weeks in the future. The American Diabetes Association website and others were chock-full of misinformation. Within 2 hours after diagnosis, I knew I was on my own. The little incidents continued to pile up, confirming I was awash in an ocean of half-truths and misinformation. These incidents firmly supported my decision for learning how to heal my body naturally. I chose to reject the Western medicine approach. I did this for many reasons, which are detailed in my upcoming book. One major reason was, by age 53, I had already established a mind-set about doctors and their conventional treatments for illness and ailments. Another factor was, I intensely disliked taking pills, with all the questionable ingredients and side effects. Because I felt so strongly, I knew I needed to search for better, more effective solutions and find my own answers.

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-goals-blogDetermined as ever, I set out to quickly control Type 2 diabetes without medication. The first thing I did was to cut back on carbs, pump up vegetables and use walking to shave glucose peaks until my blood sugar returned back within normal range. This took one week. Within three weeks after my diagnosis, I punted all pills. Within a month, I figured out how to eat and exercise for optimal readings on my glucose meter. Within three months, I shed the weight and restored all my vital signs and lab tests to normal. After 16 weeks, my natural blood sugar control system started functioning properly again. At this point, controlling blood sugar was no longer my main concern and my focus shifted to overall health improvement.

As I navigated my way through this ordeal, I shared my learning with friends and family. Many encouraged me and said, “You should write a book!” and eventually I thought, why not? Since I did not have any extra time for writing, I dictated my book manuscripts during my twice-daily 30-minute walks. This worked out perfectly!

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-healthy-food-blogIn the past two years, I have had hundreds of conversations and email threads with friends and relatives, each dealing with their own ailments. In all cases, nutrition and exercise were the answers. During this time, several friends expressed an interest in learning how to control Type 2 Diabetes without control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-jogging-blogmedication too and requested my help. Without hesitation, I coached them with adopting healthier eating and exercise habits. Sharing this information with their doctors, some experienced the same positive results as I did and were also able to reclaim their health. For example, my friend Steve, diagnosed pre-diabetic, shed 45 pounds and achieved an A1c hemoglobin of 5.2. My brother-in-law Tibor, also pre-diabetic, shed over 60 pounds and achieved an A1c hemoglobin of 5.4. This was a great accomplishment and very encouraging!

Who am I to coach people on their diabetes? After all, I am not a doctor, scientist, nutritionist, or dietician. However, I am an engineer, and engineers are professional problem solvers. I know how to make measurements and interpret the data and respond appropriately. I am not beholden to any organization. I am not a part of Big Ag, Big Food, Big Pharma or mainstream medicine. I vest myself in helping people. As one example, I have been a board member for the local homeless shelter for 11 years. In addition, I recently did an interview with Dave Caldwell and Tami Edwards on SCV TV, sharing my story and natural methods. This was a wonderful opportunity to publicize an alternative approach and help all those struggling with diabetes every day. You will find a link and instructions to view this interview segment at both the beginning and end of this article.

During my adjustment period, my work also suffered. Although my billable hours took a severe nose dive in the first two months after diagnosis, since 2012 and 2013, my bookings and billings have set new records. I am extremely focused and unless there’s an emergency, I don’t allow anybody or anything to waste my time or interfere with my health routines.

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-walking-the-dog-blogMy lifestyle has changed considerably, for the better, over the past two years. I learned how exercise and set a reasonable, daily goal to walk 10,000 steps per day at a brisk pace. This includes a morning and evening walk with my pug, Allie. I learned how to shop healthier and how to prepare and cook healthy meals. Sometimes I take time out for research. At other times, I consolidate my learning by writing. My relationship with my wife Sue has improved. I consume about 3,000 calories per day and I enjoy all the food I eat, even though my diet is completely different than my pre-diabetic diet.

Ironic, my life now, with diabetes, is better than my prior hedonistic “eat anything I want” lifestyle before diabetes. Once I discovered how physically and mentally good I could feel, I never wanted to go back to my old ways. I don’t like feeling crappy, sapped of all energy and in pain. I don’t like getting sick all the time. Learning to control Type 2 diabetes without medication has brought me the positive results I now get to experience and enjoy every day.

I can honestly say that I am living better….with diabetes. Since my diagnosis, I have stuck with my program, constantly refining my methods and food choices. I am currently working on several books, one of them being a workbook. In this workbook, I have outlined the program I developed and currently use. This program not only works for me but also has been very successful in turning my life around. I know it can work for you as well! You too can control Type 2 diabetes without medication!

I’m just an ordinary guy but I’m also living proof that ordinary Type 2 Diabetics can take control and live a much better life through proper nutrition and exercise, if they have the desire to do so.

control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-food-pyramid-blogI want to help people who are pre-diabetic, to wake up and take action, before they become diabetic. I also want to help people already suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Both pre-diabetics and diabetics can use the tips in my upcoming workbook to regain control of their body chemistry, through exercise and by abandoning the “Standard American Diet” (S.A.D.), which turns out to do more harm than good.

It breaks my heart to see so many suffering people, senselessly sick, all because their food is corrupted and because conventional wisdom is wrong. I want to shout it from the rooftops and I want to change the way things are.

In the end, My Life is Better! Yours can be too!

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control-type-2-diabetes-without-medication-andy's-interview-1To view the 12-minute interview with Dave Caldwell and Tami Edwards of SCV TV, you may click on Andy’s image to the left or this link:

The 12 minute segment begins at the time marker 42:33. After you click the link, allow the program to stream or queue up for several minutes. Then advance the control tab to time marker 42:33 to watch the interview.  Some computer systems may take longer to stream than others and some systems may not allow you to fast forward at all, in which case you will have to allow it to play in real time.

Andy Pattantyus, CPIM is president of Strategic Modularity, Inc., a systems engineering consulting firm that works with clients on process oriented Lean Transformation projects, including initiatives to improve administrative workflows. Andy is also an active member of APICS-SFV and The ACA Group. If you would like to get in touch with Strategic Modularity, Inc., contact Andy here.

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3 thoughts on “Control Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication – Andy’s Story

  1. Andy, Just watched your segment on SCV-TV. Besides being able to say I now know a television celebrity, the information was wonderful. I wish you success with your book and your quest to spread the word. Let’s eat!!
    Cheers, JB

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Your story is in good company, like a Mayo Clinic publication. We wish you further achievements in your battle!

    We hope Suz and you are not among the 1 million Californians whose medical insurance was cancelled. So far we have not received the “Dear Sue and Tom” letter from Medicare and Aetna. Love: MOM and DAD

  3. Andy,

    Great article! Karli and I are both so very proud and happy for you in this endeavor. You have really motivated us both to begin living healthier lives.

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